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Event Organization

Event Organizer

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A Event Organizer is the person who schedules an event, and usually the person that runs it and reports it. Organizers make sure their events run smoothly, and if there are any problems, they resolve them. They are responsible for the event from start to finish


1 Weddings
2 Parties
3 Business Conferences
4 Reception

Event management is the application of project management to the creation and development of large-scale events such as festivals, Conferences, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts, or Conventions. It involves studying the brand, identifying its target audience, devising the event concept, and coor- dinating the technical aspects before actually launching the events.

The events industry now includes events of all sizes from the Olympics down to business breakfast meet-ings, many industries, groups hold events in order to market themselves, build business relationship, raise money, or celebrate achievement.

The process of planning and coordinating the event is usually referred to as event planning and which can include budgeting, scheduling, site selection, acquiring necessary permits, coordinating transportation and parking, arranging for speakers or entertainers, arranging d├ęcor, event security, catering, coordinating with third party vendors, and emergency plans. Each event is different in its nature so process of planning & execution of each event differs on basic of type of event.

The event manager is the person who plans and executes the event, taking responsibility for the creative, technical, and logistical elements. This including, marketing and communication strategy, audio-visual production, script writing, logistics, budgeting, negotiation, and client service.

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